Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration must be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible after some kind of ingress of water. Put simply, water prevention decreases the effects of a disaster by reducing the possible harm caused by water after a leak or a flood.

Your Water Damage Restoration Experts in Perth

Water damage can be dangerous to your home and business establishment. May it be cracks or leaks, swift measures must be taken. When ignored, water damages becomes the home for bacteria and germs that can harm your place and family.

The experienced professionals at Five Star Carpet Cleaning Perth are highly capable of diminishing the problems left by water damage, take out the water and repair your property and furnishings with avant-garde equipment. We provide water damage rectification services for a wide array of water issues. Our team has the expertise on handling big and small water-related difficulties.

Five Star Carpet Cleaning Perth is proud to serve residential and commercial clients throughout Perth  and surrounding areas.

Different Types of Water Damage

Did you know that three different types of water can cause damage to properties? They are:

Clean Water

Clean water does not create immediate risks to health. This includes water damage caused by leaky taps and overflowing baths and sinks. However, it can encourage mould and bacteria growth from the contaminants it picks up.

Grey Water

Grey water is unsanitary water that contains some degree of contamination, such as faecal matter from toilets. Sources of grey water include baths, toilets, showers and washing machines. If left untreated, grey water can turn into black water (see below). Handling grey water should only be done when wearing proper protective gear.

Black Water

Black water is the most contaminated type of water and can be very harmful to humans. It contains pathogens, toxins, human waste and more. Sources of black water include sewer backup, toilets, broken sewage pipes, rising river water and dishwashers. Because it is considered highly contaminated with chemicals, pesticides and disease-causing organisms, it is recommended that you hire professionals to clean up and decontaminate areas safely.

The Problem With Water Damage

In Perth we face water issues from time to time, overflowing of water is usually the issue. Flood water is known as black water because of what’s in it, sewer backup, rising river water, dirt, debris, soil and silt. Black water can not only damage properties but also cause harm to people within exposure.

Cleaning up the wet areas and drying them helps but not solve it as it is not the root of the problem. Unless the main issue is resolved, it will continue on causing problems to the area and people.

 Among the other problems caused by untreated flood water are:

Whenever having a problem concerning water-damage, we suggest calling in professionals to deal with the issue. As water damage can be deceiving, it can flow quickly within rooms and create pockets of moisture in areas that are hard to see. The sooner you call experts, the sooner the problem will be dealt with, mitigating the damage even just a little bit.

The experts at Five Star Carpet Cleaning Perth can respond immediately and use advanced equipment and techniques to remove the water quickly.

Our Perth Water Damage Services

At Five Star Carpet Cleaning Perth we provide our residential and commercial clients with an extensive range of water damage restorations including:

How Our Water Damage Restoration Service Works

When we arrive at your place, we will look into the whole area to  distinguish the affected zones. We will then remove all the water from surfaces and other materials. It is a multi-stage technical process, it can take hours or days depending on the amount of water and how big the affected area is.

Once this process is complete, we use moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to check the extent of the water damage. Then we will install our specialist drying equipment to dry out the structure and belongings completely. Finally, we’ll clean the affected areas and compile a written report for your insurers.

Once everything is done, we will use moisture measuring devices and thermal imaging cameras to scan the scope of water damage. Then we will install our drying equipment to dry up the place and belongings entirely. Most importantly, we will clean the affected areas and compose a written report for your insurers.       

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