Carpet Cleaning FAQ

  • Why do I need a professional to clean my carpets?

    Five Star Carpet Cleaning Perth cleaners will provide a range of techniques and products to treat your carpets. Having your carpets professionally cleaned also lengthens the life of your carpet and creates a better environment for your family.

  • What is carpet steam cleaning?

    Steam cleaning uses hot water, which is sprayed on the surface and then shampooed. This is called hot water extraction. This method is probably one of the most popular and very effective on tough stains and dirt. It relies on dirt being suspended by the water. Solutions are sprayed before hand to loosen any dirt.

  • What is dry carpet cleaning?

    Dry carpet cleaning uses no moisture or very low moisture. It is a popular choice as there is little or no drying time. The carpet can have traffic immediately after completion. This is effective for eliminating dirt, stains and other allergens.

  • Do you clean upholstery?

    Absolutely. Did you know the majority of manufacturers advise that upholstered furniture should be professionally cleaned every one to two years? We use a powerful hot water extraction method which offers the deepest clean possible. Some fabrics may require a more delicate approach. In such cases, we’ll advise you on which method to choose.

  • What does carpet cleaning cost?

    On average, cleaning should cost you between $25 to $75 per single room. Get in touch with us to take advantage of our great specials.

  • Do you provide carpet stain removal?

    Yes. We can remove stains such as tea, coffee, cola, blood, red wine, urine among other stubborn stains. If the stain hasn’t set & become permanent, stain removal can still be successful.

  • Do you guarantee to remove all stains?

    Unfortunately, not every stain. We will treat stained areas using the best products available. But we can’t guarantee the removal of certain stains. Some agents may affect carpet dyes, which may damage the carpet permanently. It is best to treat your stain as soon as it appears.

  • How long will it take?

    Typically it will take between 1 and 4 hours. The drying time depends on several factors such as the density of the carpet, humidity and room temperature. To speed up drying time, keep all windows open for a few hours.

  • Will you move my furniture?

    Yes.We will move everything as required. This includes: lounge suites and sofas, tables, chairs, beds and light furniture. However, furniture that we do not move includes the following: fish tanks, bookcase, china cabinets, waterbeds, computers and fragile or delicate items. It is always recommended that you move items to a room that is not being cleaned.

  • Do you also offer pest control services?

    Yes. We provide pest control service all year round. We can remove irritating critters such as ants, termites, cockroaches, snakes, mice, fleas and bedbugs.

  • How much experience do you have?

    Every contractor we use must have a minimum of 5 years experience. Many of them have more than 10 years experience in the industry.

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    We guarantee all of our work. However, we cannot not guarantee to get rid of permanent stains. We will be happy to come back and discuss something if you aren’t happy. We also do a final inspection with every customer to ensure they are satisfied.

  • What areas do you service?

    We serve the entire city of Perth

  • Do you have insurance?

    Every cleaning contractor has public liability insurance to the value of $10,000,000.

  • What are your opening times?

    Monday to Friday 9.am to 5.30pm. Weekends by appointment

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